Homeowner shrieks as python attacks cat

Homeowner shrieks as python attacks cat

Sho! Snakes in Australia have a thing against pets...

A woman scared by the python on her patio
A woman scared by the python on her patio/TikTok Screenshot/@sunnycoastdsnakecatchers

Being surprised by a deadly snake in your home is not something anyone wishes for. 

But watching recorded footage of something like this is a real eye-opener. 

In the video shared to TikTok, we see a woman beside herself trying to gesture her pet cat away from a python in her garden. 

As she gestures for the cat to move away, the python snatches the kitty and instinctively runs toward the inside of the house. 

The woman is shocked and jumps out of the way and the next thing we hear is a child screaming. We assume the child is inside the house and gets shocked by the python holding onto their pet cat. 

The incident was shared on Australian Snake Catcher, Stuart McKenzie's page

Check out the footage below, courtesy of TikTok

@sunnycoastsnakecatchers CRAZY FOOTAGE OF PYTHON ATTACKING CAT! 🐈‍⬛ 🐍 #cat #snake #pet #snakecatcher #snakebite #attack ♬ original sound - Stuart McKenzie

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We cannot tell whether the cat is okay from the video footage. 

After scrolling through the comments we found the below comment:

“The mother and daughter managed to detach the snake from their pet and get the no-venomous carpet python back outside"

Venomous or not, encountering a snake is a scary experience. We are glad they all are okay. 

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Image Courtesy of TikTok

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