Snake sssurprises family in Westville

Snake sssurprises family in Westville

We knew the hot weather brought the snakes out but we are surprised to hear that the heavy rains do too...

A Herald snake curled up under a wooden table
A Herald snake curled up under a wooden table/Facebook/@NickEvansKZN

There's never a dull moment in the life of a snake rescuer - or so it seems with KZN's Nick Evans. 

What looked like a quiet day turned into a surprising one when Evans was called in to remove a Herald from a family's home in Westville. 

Human Rights Day didn't just bring buckets of pouring rain but also brought uninvited guests. 

A family in Westville, which lives in a part of the area prone to mambas, didn't want to take a chance when they found a snake curled up under a small table in their home. 

While sharing the story on his Facebook page, Evans noted something important. 

"N.B- What's important to note, is that the family locked their dogs away from the snake as soon as they were made aware of the snake. This is such a crucial thing to do." (Facebook)

Evans was quick to identify the snake as a Red-lipped Herald and not a Mamba. 

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Evans urged people not to pick up snakes if they find them in their homes. 

He also shared that the rain will reveal 'ground-dwelling or fossorial' species such as Natal Black Snakes and Stiletto Snakes. 

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Image Courtesy of Facebook

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