Here is an important PSA for gold fish owners

Here is an important PSA for gold fish owners

If you have a gold fish, it's important to read about when they were put into a lake in Minnesota, USA. 

Attention all Gold Fish pet owners: DYK that they could be harmful to the environment if dropped into a lake or pond?
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When it comes to owning a pet, it's not all black and white. It takes great responsibility when it comes to taking care of them, it's another life and it's important to be informed and prepared for anything. 

It can be described as being very similar to raising a child. Just as we get tired and experience some anxiety as to whether we are doing the right thing or not, the same feeling applies when you are a pet owner. But we can all agree that the benefits outweigh the stresses.

When it comes to gold fish, it's important to note that they grow with the environment they are in, and they are harmful if placed in lakes and ponds. Well, that's what the officials in Burnsville, Minnesota said recently after finding 28 football-sized gold fish in their ponds and lakes in early July. 

"The fish can grow to the size of a football and contribute to poor water quality by uprooting plants and disturbing the sediment at the bottom of ponds and lakes," CNN reports.

We know that sometimes it can be overwhelming raising a pet fish, especially if your little one is trying to drown it in the toilet just to see what happens. But that's no reason to dispose of the little fellas in the pond. That's not good parenting.

The largest gold fish that was found in the lake was 15 inches, which is around 38cm. That's longer that a ruler! The city officials are warning communities in the Minnesota area to not release their unwanted pets into the ponds and lakes. 

WATCH the below video sharing some information about gold fish:

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