WATCH: Meet the flying fish of the United States

WATCH: Meet the flying fish of the United States

As a conservation effort, wildlife authorities are refilling lakes with fish in an unusual but effective way...

WATCH: Flying fish in the lakes of Utah
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We have seen some crazy things, but we thought this only happens in children's books or in cartoons?! But when it comes to innovation, the wildlife industry is just as resourceful when it comes to finding ways to heal and repair nature. 

Twisting things to our own will has been a human thing, historically. But many times it's been to the advantage of the human and not the environment. This is not the case when it comes to the act of flying fish (and no, we are not talking about the alcoholic beverage). 

When it comes to restocking lakes during the summer months, it has been traditionally done in states like Colorado, Utah, and Montana, in the USA. These have been done by national and state parks in recreational areas where there are fish. 

Traditionally, this practice would be done with canisters and transported by horses. 

"Since the 1950s, Utah’s Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) has used airplanes to ferry fish from the hatcheries to remote lakes. Fish are released directly from a holding container as the plan flies over lakes. While this may seem an extreme way to restock a lake with fish, it’s less stressful for the fish. The fish are dropped from an altitude of between 50 – 150 feet and have a survival rate of about 95 – 99%. The DWR notes that because the fish are small (between one to three inches), it’s like a high diver diving into a deep pool of water." (Geography Realm Website)

WATCH the video below of flying fish (courtesy of YouTube): 

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