First dog allowed into UK hospital to assist with labour

First dog allowed into UK hospital to assist with labour

Dogs really do bring us peace in every way...

Dog holding a stroller
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Dogs are not allowed in hospitals for various reasons.

But what about emotional support dogs? Well, a precedent has now been set...

"A Staffordshire bull terrier helped her owner, Amee Tompkins, during her labour at Milton Keynes University Hospital." (BBC)

Amee is autistic and has a history of anxiety and without her dog, two-year-old Belle, her labour might've not gone as well as it did. 

Before being allowed into the hospital's labour ward, Belle had to pass a risk assessment - and she passed it all, which amazed everyone at the hospital. 

"The hospital's infection control team put extra cleaning measures in place and precautions were taken to maintain the safety of everyone on the ward and in the hospital." (BBC)

Amee got Belle when she was a pup, and by working with an animal behaviourist, Belle became Amee's assistance dog. 

Belle has the ability to sense her owner's stress and pain, and when she senses that, she lays down beside Amee and provides her with the support she needs. 

"She gave me something else to focus on when everything else was happening around me." (BBC)

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The Divisional Midwife from the hospital was pleased that they were able to provide "individualised care" for Amee. 

And after seeing how Belle supported Amee, they were happy to follow a procedure that helped both Amee and supported the full risk assessment required for Belle to be in the labour ward. 

We are certainly happy that this may open up the field for animals to be included in healthcare. 

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