Om nom nom: Man eats 62 hot dogs in ten minutes

Man eats 62 hot dogs in ten minutes

How many hot dogs can you stomach a day? Joey "Jaws" Chestnut broke a record by eating 62 hot dogs in ten minutes. 

Hot dog competition
Hot dog competition / YouTube screenshot

Food eating competitions are nothing new and have been gaining popularity over the years. 

One of the popular eating competitions in the US is the Nathan's Fourth of July hot dog competition. 

It has been taking place in Coney Island every 4th of July since 1916, according to Eyewitness News. 

This contest is for fast eaters with a big appetite, as you only have 10 minutes to eat as many hot dogs as possible. 

This year, the winner managed to eat 62 hot dogs in ten minutes. Joey "Jaws" Chestnut was crowned winner on Tuesday, 4 June. 

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He shared his excitement after the win, especially because the competition was almost cancelled due to bad weather. 

“We weren’t sure we were gonna eat today. I’m just happy. It’s the 4th of July, I got to eat some hot dogs and get a win," he told CNN. 

“I feel great,” he added.

You would think that after eating over 62 hot dogs, Joey would not be able to stomach anything, but the winner said he was planning to have beers. 

“I’ve got leftover room, so I’ll be having some beers later.”

This is not the first time Joey has won the competition. He has won 16 of the last 17 Independence Day competitions. 

Last year, Joey won by eating 63 hot dogs. The most hot dogs he has eaten was in 2021 where he ate 76. 

His first win came in 2007 after he ate 66. 

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Watch Joey eating the hot dogs below:

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