Emotional road for dad who celebrates daughter's 1st birthday on death anniversary of her mother

Emotional road for dad who celebrates daughter's 1st birthday on death anniversary of her mother

James Alvarez met the one, they got married, fell pregnant, and then tragedy struck...

An emotional road for a dad who celebrates his daughter's 1st birthday on the death anniversary of her mother
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There are many things that people go through daily that we don't get to see. Some are fighting battles with disease, others are facing financial issues, and not being able to provide for their families, while some are facing the battle of grief but have to be strong for their children.

Those parents have been given a huge task and instead of falling and breaking down, they rise and be better for the new life that they have been blessed with. That's what happened with James Alvarez, who lost his wife on the same day that his daughter was born. 

He shared his story with us on social media. The sad reality is that what seemed like their happy ending was disrupted by the recklessness of a driver. 

In a matter of minutes, their fairytale had taken a turn for the worse and she was taken from him. But not without a miracle. Their unborn baby, who was not breathing at first, came through and it was because of her that he has managed to maintain his strength. 

WATCH a video he shared on Instagram about his story. 

In honour of his wife's one-year anniversary of her passing, which also happens to be his daughter's first birthday, he recreated their maternity shoot. A beautifully arranged shoot that showed little Adalyn side by side with her father and her late mother. 

His words were piercingly painful, but so honourable in his post. He wrote: "The day you left, I lost a part of me but gained that piece back when we had our daughter. We did our daughter’s first birthday photoshoot in honor of you, wifey. I hope God knows, he has an amazing angel. You have protected us so far and will continue to do so. If you could only see how much our daughter looks like you, she’s gorgeous like you.

"You mean the world to me, Adalyn. I know your mommy is watching over you and proud of you. How I wish I could switch with your mommy so she can have the opportunity to fall in love with you like I have.

"I didn’t set out to be a single father or widower. I set out to be the best father I could be…And it hasn’t changed because giving up is not an option." (James On Instagram)

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