Quadriplegic father picks up his baby girl for the first time!

Quadriplegic father picks up his baby girl for the first time!

Nicole and Struan, an interabled couple, shared a video on Nicole's TikTok account where she shows her husband trying to pick up his baby girl. The moment is heartwarming and worthy of its 2.7-million views on TikTok. 

Quadriplegic father picks up his baby girl
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We love it when social media blows up because of heartwarming and sentimental things that people go through and share. It does not just leave our hearts full of love, but also leaves us with hope for all the good that this world has. 

This video shared by Nicole (@nickelliddle) on TikTok left social media feeling gushy and very mushy. She shared a video of her husband, who is a quadriplegic, trying his hardest to pick up his baby girl and eventually triumphing at it - and also making her giggle. 


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People came in abundance with their positive comments and showed such admiration for this dad, who pushed through the pain and picked his little girl up. We can see that he struggled for a bit but that doesn't stop him. 

Nicole shared in another post that Struan dislocated his neck playing rugby and this is what caused his quadriplegia. She shares how Struan and her have had a tough time adjusting to a baby, his disability, and the pandemic, but they are taking it one day at a time as a family - what a lovely share!

This is just the type of motivation we need to see during such trying times. 

Image Courtesy of TikTok

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