Durban uncle is the life of the family get-together at Blue Lagoon

Durban uncle is the life of the family get-together at Blue Lagoon

This is the thing about family, you're always better with them and there's always one uncle that makes everyone smile. 

A man riding an ice cream bicycle
A man riding an ice cream bicycle/TikTok Screenshot/@megan_lalbahadur

We came across an unusual video on TikTok that showed a man riding an ice-cream bicycle that we usually find around the beachfront. 

Of course, the video captured our attention and we realised it was taken at a popular spot near the Durban beachfront, the Blue Lagoon

Megan Lalbahadur, a young Durbanite, shared the video on her TikTok. 

We caught up with her to ask her to give us some context and she was happy to share. 

Megan: "We try to have a family get-together as often as possible with everyone... and my family is the most loud, chaotic, and most fun group of people you could possibly find. My uncle is just a really fun and spontaneous person who loves interacting with everyone.

"I actually just managed to see him on the bike, I missed the interaction before that. However, my uncle, Jeremy, bought ice-creams for the whole family (there were a lot of us). He ALWAYS supports anyone and everyone.

"There's absolutely nothing more important to me and treasured more than my family. They are literally the best. It's always such an amazing time every time we're together."

Watch the video below, courtesy of TikTok

@megan_lalbahadur Can't take this family anywhere 🤣🤣🤣 #familytime #fyp #viral #Durbanthings ♬ original sound - Megan

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What made it even more wholesome for us was the reaction from the ice-cream guy himself. 

He was so happy and jovial about the whole thing. This is what makes our city and our country so loveable. It's the spirit of togetherness and the love of family.

It was awesome seeing Uncle Jeremy entertain the family and we hope to get an invite to the next family get-together.

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Image Courtesy of TikTok

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