Durban North club helps girls feel special for their matric dances

Durban North club helps girls feel special for their matric dances

When you have the perfect dress, everything else falls into place. 

Assorted colour floral clothes
Assorted colour floral clothes/Pexels/@Magda Ehlers

Shopping for a special dress can be strenuous. 

Especially when you don't have the funds to buy what you want.

This is why we are so impressed with an initiative that stems from the Lions Club of North Durban

According to IOL, "North Durban Lions Club Papillon Project co-ordinator Rowena Bosman said she and fellow Lions members were assisting young women in need, ensuring they were able to enjoy events like their matric dance without financial stress." 

Matric dances have always been a big deal for young girls. The dress has always been the focal point of the Matric dance, with girls always paying the most attention to finding the perfect dress. 

The style and extravagant designs come at a cost and some girls don't have the funds to treat themselves to what they want. 

Therefore, this initiative makes so much sense and alleviates the stress that comes with finding the perfect dress for a coming-of-age event. 

"The North Durban Lions Club, an organisation that serves the community and undertakes a variety of fund-raising activities, has appealed to the community for donations of gala or evening dresses, shoes or jewellery to assist girls in need of dresses, but who cannot afford them." (IOL)

Making a young woman feel special and like a princess on a day that marks a big milestone in her life is not something that happens all the time. 

This is not a new project, Bosman has rekindled it after the last coordinator left. The project started because Bosman noticed many appeals on social media from girls who needed dresses. 

"We help discreetly as we don't want anyone to feel shy or embarrassed to ask for help. Nobody needs to know where they got their dress from. They just need to be helped, have an awesome day and feel like a princess. People have also offered to do hair and nails. If we can help one person, then there will be one less person struggling in the world." (IOL)

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