Wedding videographer does GRWM video for KZN matriculant

Wedding videographer does GRWM video for KZN matriculant

Apparently, getting ready for your matric dance is equally as prestigious as getting ready for a wedding. 

Young man is getting ready for his matric dance
Young man is getting ready for his matric dance/TikTok Screenshot/@msayweddingfilms

We have seen some crazy trends being set for matric dances in and around South Africa. 

In particular, the most outrageous was seeing a young woman pimping out a Pick n Pay trolley and riding it to her matric dance. 

And then we also saw matriculants arrive at their matric dances in ambulances and some in coffins too. 

Safe to say the trendsetters are all about pushing the boundaries. 

And the same could be said of Jordan, a young man who had a wedding videographer capture his matric dance in style. 

The video was epic in the way it was edited. It looked like a music video rather than a getting-ready video.

In the video, we see Jordan in a fancy apartment getting ready for his matric dance. 

His mom and dad feature in the video helping him with his bow tie and jacket of his pristine-looking tux. 

People were impressed and some even threw props to him for having such a video. But to be honest, we were quite surprised. 

Where were we when getting pricey videographers to capture our matric dance preludes became a thing?

Nevertheless, it is original and we can give him that. It certainly says a lot about what he thinks of himself (self-love) and where he sees himself going. 

You go get that life, boy...

Check out part one of the video, courtesy of TikTok

@msayweddingfilms We had so much fun with Jordan as we were capturing the preparations of his Matric Dance at Michaelhouse. watch the full video here. Book your Matric dance video with us. #SAMA28 #matricdance #matricdance2023 #durban #durbanvideographer #md #md2023 ♬ original sound - Msay Wedding Films

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Check out part two where he shares a few words. Courtesy of TikTok

@msayweddingfilms Jordan shares a few words about his Matric Dance ance. part 2 video shoot. #md2023 #SAMA28 #md #durbanvideographer #matricdance2023 #matricdance2023 #matricdance ♬ original sound - Msay Wedding Films
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