Driver cancels grocery order because customer doesn't tip him

Driver cancels grocery order because customer doesn't tip him

Do you think it's fair if someone doesn't tip a grocery delivery driver?

A man delivering a package to a woman outside her home
A man delivering a package to a woman outside her home/Pexels/@MizunoK

Can you imagine a world without grocery delivery services?

If anything, grocery delivery boomed during the pandemic and stayed because a lot of people found the convenience and ease that came with it. But the specifics surrounding it aren't always familiar to customers. 

For instance, when you purchase on the Checkers Sixty60 app, you get the option to tip your driver. Whether or not all customers tip is undisclosed information. 

The option to tip is there but not everyone tips. Some people feel that they don't need to tip because they are already paying a delivery fee and paying for their groceries. 

Some don't have extra to tip, so, they literally cannot.

But things don't work the same as they do in the US when it comes to delivery services. From what we gather, in the US, people who want their groceries delivered call upon drivers to make the delivery, rather than a company.

And like private car services who get to accept a client based on their price, they take on the call to pick up and deliver the groceries on a price put forth by the client. 

One delivery driver who decided to accept a pickup and delivery order for a client was not happy to find out that the client did not want to tip. 

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