Mom wraps her son's schoolbooks in Checkers Sixty60 bags

Mom wraps her son's schoolbooks in Checkers Sixty60 bags

This is what we call higher-grade repurposing...

A woman repurposing her Checkers Sixty60 shopping bag
A woman repurposing her Checkers Sixty60 shopping bag/TikTok Screenshot/@lebangkgosana

We've seen several parents getting savvy with their back-to-school buying this year. 

With the cost of things consistently rising, some parents have chosen to take the DIY route with things like wrapping paper, because we all know as their grades increase, so does the number of books. 

A mom has gone viral for her ingenious recycled wrapping paper. 

Mom TikToker, Lebang Kgosang, usually posts videos surrounding parenting and this time she got a whopping 6.1-million views on her back-to-school hack. 

She realised that she had an abundance of online shopping bags and decided that these could be great for repurposing. So, she decided she would use them to cover her son's schoolbooks. 

Of all the bags, she opted for the Checkers Sixty60 bags because they felt strong and durable. To her surprise, they were the perfect size for the A4 books. 

Watch how well the books turned out below, courtesy of TikTok

@lebangkgosana My online grocery shopping bags being recycled as we cover some school books!! #BackToSchool #fyp ♬ original sound - #LifeWithLebang

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Many insinuated that this would be embarrassing for her kid, but she shut them down swiftly.

For the most part, she received a fairly positive response, with many people acknowledging her creativity. We certainly loved her repurposing skills. 

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Image Courtesy of TikTok

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