Freckle tattoos: A subtle way to switch up your look?

Freckle tattoos: A subtle way to switch up your look?

"Freckles are like seasoning for your face, they make you spicy..."

A woman with freckles tattooed to her face
A woman with freckles tattooed to her face/Facebook Screenshot/@LADBible

What are your thoughts on freckle tattoos? If you watch the above video, courtesy of Facebook, then you will see that it has become something of a trend amongst many women. 

Faux freckles have become quite popular in the cosmetics industry, with many people drawing freckles on with makeup, using long-lasting henna to create them, and even tattooing them on their face.

It's not a new trend considering the rise of cosmetic tattoos. 

"People have been getting eyeliner and lip liner tattoos for decades, and even more recently, we saw the boom of microblading and lip blushing." (InStyle)

With that being said, there has also been a boom in the market with makeup products that are created for that 'freckled look'. 

If you are thinking about a freckle tattoo then there are some things you should consider before going under the needle. Like every tattoo, you should be sure that this is what you want. If you decide to go, then go to a professional. 

Trying to do it yourself or some backdoor tattoo artist could lead to infections and scarring - and a strange looking face. 

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If you think freckle tattoos are bad, then you won't like that story about a woman who tattooed her boyfriend's name on her forehead.

That's not a trend that we could ever get down with...

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Image Courtesy of Facebook

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