Doctor warns women to stop injecting seasoning cubes into their bottoms

Doctor warns women to stop injecting seasoning cubes into their bottoms

Women around the continent are using this bizarre method to give their booty a fuller look – but it’s extremely dangerous.

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These days, women are doing everything from squats at the gym to implants to get a full, round booty. Some are even using alternative methods to help them achieve this body goal, but the most bizarre is that women across Africa have jumped on the trend of injecting their bums with seasoning cubes to get a fuller look and a medical doctor has warned that this is a dangerous exercise.

Dr Silas Agbesi, a medical doctor at the Ho Teaching Hospital (HTH) - the main referral health facility in Ghana’s Volta Region, explains that some women believe that the salt and oil contents of seasoning cubes are absorbed by muscles in the butt when injected and give a rounder, fuller look.

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However, he has issued a stern warning to women that the practice could be dangerous, as it can lead to hypertension.

Taking to social media platform Twitter, Dr Agbesi explained in a series of posts just how dangerous the practice can be.

“Stop pumping seasoning cubes into your [butt] to widen your buttocks. It is not safe,” he wrote. “Women inject this cubes with the hope that the salt and oil content will expand their tissues behind making them appear larger and rounder.”

He adds: “Excess salt in the bloodstream is a major contributor to hypertension, especially in Africans. A person, in theory, can develop hypertension from this practice."

When a user challenged his warning, the doctor explained that this happened to one of his patients and that he could not share the video due to medico-legal reasons.

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He did, however, share a video previously shared by VICE about the ritual which saw Congolese women injecting chicken stock to achieve bigger butts and larger thighs.

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