Chinese restaurant trends for savage responses to customer complaints

Chinese restaurant trends for savage responses to customer complaints

The owner of this Chinese takeout isn’t playing games when it comes to complaints from customers.

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Reputation is everything. This is why businesses bend over backwards for customers who bash their brands online. Bad reviews often push other customers away from their service offering which is why, should issues arise, businesses try and solve them as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

However, some complaints are completely absurd and one Chinese restaurant in the UK uses savage responses to customers who have left bad reviews.

Alice Cheung is the boss of the Oriental Express restaurant in Pudsey, West Yorkshire. Over the years, she has received close to 150 reviews on Just Eat and has made it a point to respond to each and every single one of the negative reviews. But, this isn’t some ploy to show customers that she takes complaints seriously, as Alice has some hilarious responses – and she doesn’t hold back.

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When one woman complained that the food she ordered was “terrible”, Alice responded: “You ordered a Vegetarian Munch Box and then called the shop to complain there was no MEAT in it. We sent what you ordered and there was nothing wrong with it. The bad review is to cover your error. Please do not call again.”

Another said her food was “not good, soggy and old” and that she “threw most of it away”, adding that the food was more expensive than other takeout places and, again, Alice was having none of it. “I suggest you stay with the other takeaway and take your false review with you,” she responded.

In response to another one-star review, which has since been deleted, Alice wrote: “What sort of idiot orders ‘Salt & Pepper Chicken’ and then complains it has salt in it, our delivery record shows it was NOT late and it was NOT cold. A fake review and derogatory too. Take your foul mouth and business somewhere else.”

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In another hilarious incident, a reviewer said her order was “totally ruined” by “small pieces of battered dry chicken mixed in with battered prawns.” Explaining that that is how the dish is served, Alice writes: “Will you please open your eyes and read the descriptions, you ordered the ‘Special sweet and sour’ which contains king prawns. You got what you ordered so how is this our fault? The food was fresh and perfectly cooked. We are good but mind reading the stupid is not one of our skills.”

In an interview with Leeds Live, Alice defended her harsh responses, saying: “If you’re writing a review just be honest about the situation. If we messed up, we’ll reply seriously. If not, expect some banter.”

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