Did you hear? Makro will be celebrating Black Friday for the entire month of November

Did you hear? Makro will be celebrating Black Friday for the entire month of November

Do you shop on Black Friday?

Did you hear? Makro will be celebrating Black Friday for the entire month of November
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After the looting in July, things have been quite unsteady to say the least. Many families were affected in more than one way, besides the stress and anxiety that it caused, there was the fact that many people lost their jobs, experienced violence, and lost their sense of safety. 

It definitely knocked many people down, but in true South African spirit, it pushed us to rise above the ashes and find courage. The unity that came from all of the destruction restored our faith as KZNers and as South Africans. 

When we saw the aftermath of the big retail stores such as Makro and the Mass Mart warehouse, it really broke our hearts. To think of all the merchandise that was stolen and looted, and for what? 

So to hear that Makro has found a way to still care for their customers, is absolutely amazing. They recently announced that instead of following the usual three to five day Black Friday sale days, they would be dedicating the whole month of November to Black Friday deals. 

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They announced that the four weeks of deals would run across a range of products, from TVs to cellphones, laptops, gaming, and even air-fryers. The deals will only be for the week that they are announced and will not be repeated. 

"This Black Friday will be bigger than ever before – customers can look forward to great savings on the most sought products. Makro will also be offering free delivery to customers for purchases over R500 as well as same-day delivery on grocery and liquor orders through the One Cart App." (Business Tech)

Game has joined the shop-olution by expanding their specials across the month of November. They will also enforce their 'Price Beat Promise' for the Black Friday month of deals, this guarantees customers the lowest pricing on all items in Game. 

"To provide a safer and more accessible Black November experience to all South Africans, the retailer will have four sets of weekly deals rather than launching all sales on a single day. Where our shoppers find a product cheaper, whether in-store or online, they are now able to make use of our Price Beat Promise, which guarantees them the lowest price on every item we stock – both before and after their purchase." (Business Tech)

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