Did influencer Nomfundo Radebe fake her own abduction?

Did influencer Nomfundo Radebe fake her own abduction?

Twitter was on red alert after Radebe sent out a bunch of concerning tweets, having users believe that she's been kidnapped, but the story took another wild and unexpected turn...

Nomfundo Radebe

If you were on Twitter within the last 24hours you might have seen #Nomfundo trending and wondered what it was all about.

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Turns out social media influencer Nomfundo Radebe had everyone up in arms after sending out a series of distressing tweets, starting with a very simple but effective help.

Users didn't pay too much attention to the tweet until she also sent out a cellphone number clearly indicating that someone needs to call this number and help her get out of whatever situation she was in:

Nomfundo number

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Apparently, all the drama started with her trip to Cape Town where she was visiting an acquaintance, Andrew (Drew for short).

Although the nature of their relationship is unclear, it doesn't matter as she quickly decided to head back to Johannesburg, and this is where this started to take a terrifying and serious turn.

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After sharing the number, which belonged to her Cape Town friend, people started assuming that he might be involved in the kidnapping and being responsible for Nomfundo's disappearance. 

Considering the issues, South Africans face around gender-based violence and human trafficking, it wasn't the biggest reach and was the only conclusion that made the most sense.

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Why wouldn't she tweet the number of a family member or friend?

Luckily she made it home safely, and in another lengthy Twitter thread revealed that she had definitely been drugged, wasn't feeling herself, and someone had made a kidnapping attempt on her life.

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While this is great news, Drew was less than pleased, who found himself being incriminated and unfairly accused.

Nomfundo has since apologised to Drew, but whatever relationship they had is clearly over:

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However, now that the receipts of their conversation have seen the light, many people are accusing Nomfundo of faking her own abduction for clout:

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While we might never know exactly what happened, it is important to note that human trafficking is a very serious threat to the safety of South Africa's women and children and should be taken very seriously.

If you are at risk or if you know of anyone who might be at risk of kidnapping or human trafficking please contact the South African human trafficking helpline: 0800 222 777

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Main image courtesy of Nomfundo Radebe Official Twitter

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