AKA confirms boxing match against Cassper Nyovest

AKA confirms boxing match against Cassper Nyovest

Two of South Africa's musical heavyweights are going to take a break from spitting bars on stages as they get ready to throw punches in the ring.

Cassper AKA
AKA/Twitter and Cassper/Twitter

Are you confused as to why AKA and Cassper Nyovest are being referred to as boxers?

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Well, these boxing match rumours started as soon as 2020 did, when Cassper mentioned that he would like to take on his rival, rapper AKA, not in a musical contest but instead in a one-on-one boxing match.

But at first, AKA was just as confused as we were:

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But it was not long after that AKA finally decided to officially challenge Cassper to this highly anticipated boxing match.

As fans of both parties have been left in the dark, they've come up with their own assumptions over the months as to what is actually happening regarding the constant back and forth between the two.

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Especially since Nyovest made it clear that he had sent the documentation and contract to AKA and his team but did not receive any response.

He also went on quite the Twitter rant, calling his nemesis a "loudmouth" and a "coward" for talking a lot of game but not following through with the actual fight. 

Over the months, the possible fight has gained even more momentum and, much like this year, the end (being the actual match) might finally be in sight.

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After being bombarded with questions on his timeline, AKA finally gave what could be considered a straight answer: 

Now we really want 2020 to get a move on and end already, get our popcorn ready and watch this soon-to-be infamous fight. 

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