Cobra slides onto Cape Town golf course like a boss...

Cobra slides onto Cape Town golf course like a boss...

We didn't know cobras liked to play golf too...

A cobra slithering onto a golf course in Cape Town
A cobra slithering onto a golf course in Cape Town/TikTok Screenshot/@offthedeckgolfza

As South Africans, we are definitely not unfamiliar with snakes. 

And as the summer season comes into full effect, we are becoming more and more wary of snakes paying us a visit.

A video that shows this and a little more didn't seem to surprise anyone who watched on. 

In the video, we see a cobra slide onto the golf course. It was sliding in like a boss and didn't quite seem phased by the fact that people were nearby.

What appears to have happened, is that the cobra and a mongoose got into an altercation, which worked the snake up a bit.

Watch the video below, courtesy of TikTok

@offthedeckgolfza Dangerous playing off the red tees in Africa 🐍😲 #offthedeckgolf #snake #africa #golf #golftiktok #dangerous #cobra #cobrakai #africa ♬ original sound - Off The Deck Golf

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Check out some of the jovial comments below:

"That cobra 🐍 is running away from that Mongoose at the back."

"This video made me realise I underestimated the size of a fully grown cobra lol."

"Yeah you don’t notice, but this is actually a cobra running for its life from a mongoose. Look in the background. Africa don’t play." 

"Being from Florida golfing with a Gator is cool but a king Cobra & Mongoose is a whole different level."

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Image Courtesy of TikTok

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