Chinese sightseeing destination looking to hire a Monkey King

Chinese sightseeing destination looking to hire a Monkey King

You can be a Monkey King for an easy R15k a month. 

A man dressed like a monkey eating food from people
A man dressed like a monkey eating food from people/Facebook Screenshot/@979cprrocks

As KZNers, we are used to monkeys. 

Many people consider them family because they are around so often. Even so, sharing our space with monkeys isn't something we have control over. 

Ironically, there is a sightseeing destination in Northern China's Hebei province and they are searching for a Monkey King. 

"The story follows Sun Wukong, a monkey born from a stone who acquires supernatural powers from a Taoist martial artist. He fights like a warrior, wields a golden magical staff and travels around on clouds as he accompanies the sacred monk Tang Sanzang on his “Journey to the West” to obtain Buddhist sutras in India." (CNN)

The sightseeing park would like to hire someone to fulfil the role of this legendary Chinese character. 

The right candidate for the job will receive a salary of $842 (R15,911.11). That's no small change in this day and age. Getting paid to eat can be a real match made in heaven for many people. 

Watch the video below, courtesy of Facebook

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"The job duties require them to don a monkey mask and costume and hole up in a cave at the bottom of the mountain, according to clips circulating on social media. A key part of the role is accepting snacks offered by visiting children - apples, instant noodles and, inevitably, lots and lots of bananas." (CNN)

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