Baboons in Cape Point are built different to KZN monkeys

Baboons in Cape Point are built different to KZN monkeys

We thought KZN monkeys were spicy, but these Vervets have nothing on Cape Town Baboons. 

A family near the beach stand back as Baboon gets too close
A family near the beach stand back as Baboon gets too close/TikTok Screenshot/@matthewwareley

Living in South Africa comes with a host of amazing wildlife experiences. 

Most of the time, as locals we experience animals (farm, wild and exotic) on our doorstep and we don't even have to pay. Plus, we don't even know the show is coming until it comes. 

That is certain when it comes to the monkeys. But it seems just as the monkeys regularly visit us without an invite, so do the Baboons in Cape Town. 

The Cape Town Government website explained very well why Baboons are important in Cape Town. 

"We have to respect baboons, understanding that they are just trying to adapt to changes in their natural environment, but we also need to be careful of them since they are powerful animals and can be unpredictable. Baboons belong here as much as we do. By acting responsibly, we can continue to enjoy living next door to these charismatic creatures."

Not only do we need to co-exist with Baboons, but we must also remember that they play an important role in the natural ecosystem. 

In saying all that, a short video of a family enjoying a sunny day out at Cape Point is a classic example of how powerful the Chacma Baboon of the Cape Peninsula can be. 

Watch the video below, courtesy of TikTok


The baboons in Cape Point are built DIFFERENT 😭

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A person commented on the video saying, "I wouldn't know what to do when approached by these animals." 

The person who posted the video provided the most sound advice, "It’s very simple actually. A ranger once told me. If you have food, drop it and step back. And don’t go for the infants, they are the most protected." (TikTok)

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Image Courtesy of TikTok

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