Champagne Valley: Where the pinnacle of heritage and adventure collide

Champagne Valley: Where the pinnacle of heritage and adventure collide

In the valley below Champagne Castle, tradition and adventure enhance the crisp Drakensberg atmosphere. Catch a glimpse of South Africa’s only bearded vulture family while hiking up the country’s third-highest mountain.

Champagne Valley
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Rays of sunshine crack over the colossal peaks of Champagne Castle. The hums of waterfalls reverberate across the rocky escarpment, formed over 180 million years ago. In this corner of the Drakensberg, Champagne Valley is a convergence of culture and history. 

GO: Three hours away from Durban, take the R600 through the town of Winterton towards this South African World Heritage Site. 

SEE: The region is home to the globally-renowned Drakensberg Boys Choir. Founded in 1967, the group continues to entertain and inspire with weekly musical productions. 

Browse the handmade rugs delicately spun by the Kwazulu Weavers. Using traditional wooden looms, their wool and cotton creations are a collage of culture and the product of generations of knowledge. 

Catch a glimpse of the only bearded vulture population in the country. Almost all members of the species were wiped out in South Africa, but conservation efforts have helped these inhabitants thrive. They nest in the crevices of the Maloti-Drakensberg mountains and can be seen gliding in the thermals overhead. With wingspans that can reach up to 2.8 metres in length, these birds are a rare sight to behold. 

DO: Once the battlefield of the Voortrekker-Zulu conflict and the Second Anglo-Boer War, join a guided tour or follow routes leading to various monuments and sites that commemorate this landscape’s past.

Summit Champagne Castle, South Africa’s third-highest mountain. Standing at 3 377 metres, challenge yourself to a three-day trek along Gray’s Pass with commanding vistas from every angle. 

Explore the freedom that lies on the brink of your comfort zone in this valley. Beneath the towering Champagne Castle, adventure awaits.

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