How baby clothing rentals are breaking the fast fashion trend

How baby clothing rentals are breaking the fast fashion trend

Eve Kekeh created Bundlee, which allows caretakers to rent, rather than buy, baby clothes. Each Bundlee rental saves 40,500 gallons of water and 105kg of carbon dioxide.

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Babies grow rapidly. In fact, they outgrow up to seven sizes within the first two years of their lives – contributing to a mammoth amount of clothing waste. In the United Kingdom, one-third of parents throw out their baby’s clothes, which often end up in landfills. “It’s the ultimate fast fashion that no one is talking about,” entrepreneur Eve Kekeh says. A fervent advocate for the environment, she’s now created a way for people to clothe their kids while protecting the planet. 

Kekeh is the oldest in her family, with an age gap of 18 years between her and her youngest sibling. As they grew up, Kekeh noticed the vast amount of attire they wore, never to be used again. To stop this unsustainable trend, she founded Bundlee, a clothing library where parents can rent items for their babies until they no longer need them. Once their children surpass a clothing size, parents can swap out garments for larger ones. This system helps reduce waste as well as minimise the water usage and carbon emissions that go into making new clothes.

Not only is Kekeh’s concept environmentally-friendly, but it’s accessible and affordable, enabling parents from all backgrounds to keep their kin clothed. “Sustainability can make your life easier,” Kekeh says. “If everyone practised sharing and reusing their clothing, imagine what the impact would be.”

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