“If I can do it, so can they.” This entrepreneur is uplifting his community with ice-cream

“If I can do it, so can they.” This entrepreneur is uplifting his community with ice cream

A Mitchells Plain entrepreneur has founded a gourmet ice-cream brand and calls it, Ice-Cream Vanni Plain.

Ice-cream Ieshaan Small
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Ieshaan Small was struggling. “My social-economic situation was in a dire state,” he says. With a daughter to support, Small needed a way to improve their circumstances. But while living in Mitchells Plain, South Africa, a neighbourhood afflicted by gangsterism and stigma, Small retained a positive outlook. “I always had dreams of doing something with my life,” he says. Drawing inspiration from his little girl’s choice dessert, he started scooping out success. 

After Small’s experiments with churning ice cream became a hit with family and friends, he founded Ice Cream Vanni Plain. His very own gourmet ice-cream brand is named after his hometown. With the help of a few friends, Small crafts every tantalising product. Each of his eight flavours is named after a neighbourhood in Mitchells Plain, acting as a celebration of his community. In less than two months of opening, Small was approached by various businesses to stock his treats in supermarkets. 

Small is now living up to his potential while defying the stereotypes that linger over his hometown. With unwavering determination, he’s proving to his little girl and his community that life can take a turn for the better. “I want my daughter to see me as a role model, doing things that are positive not only for ourselves but also the next person out there,” Small says. “If I can do it, so can they.”

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