Find out what Carol Ofori's family thought after trying kumquats

Find out what Carol Ofori's family thought after trying kumquats

A firm favourite in KZN that is usually pickled. 

Greg Ofori sitting with his kids on the couch
Greg Ofori sitting with his kids on the couch/TikTok Screenshot/@carolofori

Relocating to KwaZulu-Natal was a big deal for the Ofori family - an experience that they continue to explore together. 

As much as our province has experienced some ups and downs over the past two years, for the most part, we have been cordial and welcoming to Carol Ofori and her family. 

It's easy when our Daytime Queen is able to get along with everyone like a house on fire. 

One of the things that she decided to try recently with her family wasn't really sweet on the palette. 

Durbanites are known for their love of sweet and sour. If we can find something that is both sweet and sour, then that's all the better. 

Carol heard about the infamous Kumquat and, of course, she decided to make it a family affair. 

"The kumquat is a citrus fruit that kind of looks like an orange but is oval-shaped and much smaller (1-2 inches, which is around 2-5cm)." (WebMD)

"In contrast with other citrus fruits, the peel of the kumquat is sweet and edible, while the juicy flesh is tart." (HealthLine)

If you are like us, you can already imagine how her kids are going to respond to those bold flavours. 

Watch her family try the big burst of flavour from this tiny citrus fruit. Courtesy of TikTok

@carolofori My family trying their first #Kumquat #family #Tasting thanks @Cray Moncai ♬ original sound - Carol Ofori

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We were surprised that her youngest was so bold that she just took a big bite out of the fruit and kept it in her mouth, while her son cautiously took the tiniest bite ever.

Regardless, we are happy to see the whole family immersing themselves into trying things that are quite popular to KZN. 

It shows them finding a connection with their new home and trying new things is always a fun thing to do. 

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