Dad at school drop-off gets all the love from his kids

Dad at school drop-off gets all the love from his kids

This video reminded us of Greg Ofori, Carol Ofori's husband, and she confirmed that he is very much like this with the kids. 

Dad fixing his daughter's raincoat
Dad fixing his daughter's raincoat/TikTok Screenshot/@adiatoke

After seeing this really sweet video on TikTok of a father dropping his kids off at school, we just had to share. 

In the video, which is centred around 'intentional parenting' and the fact that dad is the kids' favourite, we see the father dropping his children off at school. 

While he says goodbye, he checks that they are nice and protected from the rain and leans in to each of them for a kiss and hug. 

There is this long-time notion that as our kids grow, they are less likely to want us to show affection. 

And we know of some parents who have experienced that with their kids and some who have not. 

Needless to say, we speak for most parents when we say, we would like to enjoy those moments of pure love and affection for as long as we can get it. 

We love how the kids in the video came back for more love from dad even after they kissed and hugged him the first time - it was so honest and pure. 

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The video reminded us of the Oforis and so we asked Carol Ofori how Greg (her husband) is at school drop-offs. 

She said: "I love it when Greg does school drop-offs, it gives me a little more time to get ready in the morning. Truth be told, you can tell when Greg took the kids to school and when I did it because I look different. Here's that dad who parks the car, walks them in, sees them through the gate, and makes sure they vanish. Sewa, my daughter, is a big kisser and hugger and Sena, my boy, is a hugger too but it's rare." 

Watch the video below, courtesy of TikTok

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What really knocked us off our feet were some of the comments that were posted on the video. 

The video inspired people and it really revealed a lot about what a simple hug and kiss can do for a kid. 

Nacha Dzarma: "What I never had from mom and dad. Not even a hug. I would definitely do better when i become a father" 

Hope's kitchen: "That just shows that dad is very present in their lives. My girls are like this with their dad" 

victorsavage62: "I have never experienced not even a hug from my parents before..Omo there are so many things I didn’t experienced..I will do better to my own kids" 

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