Carol Ofori discovers she has a TikTok imposter

Carol Ofori discovers she has a TikTok imposter

How bizarre it must be to see someone posting your content on their page?!

Carol Ofori sitting at East Coast Radio offices with blue sweater
Carol Ofori sitting at East Coast Radio offices with blue sweater/TikTok Screenshot/@carolofori

When you are out there doing your thing, sometimes it is inevitable for some sort of spanner to be thrown in the works. 

Scammers or con artists come in all shapes, forms, and sizes, and they are not afraid to use your image for their gain. 

For Carol Ofori, it was an imposter. It came as a shock to her that someone would use her images and videos so blatantly to gain the trust of social media users. 

She recently found out through another colleague that there was a person impersonating her on TikTok. 

The person not only had over 9,000 followers on TikTok, but also had the audacity to say that they would follow back any followers. 

Like, come on, that's a classic telltale that you are following a scammer. 

Can you even believe it? We are shocked that someone could be so brazen. 

Carol Ofori was shocked and appalled and we cannot blame her. She did however admit that whoever followed the imposter thinking it was her should know better because the fake account had this as their bio: 

"Earn R90k weekly now on Crypto Trading Platform, click on the link below ⬇️"

Check out Carol's video sharing her discovery of the imposter. Courtesy of TikTok

@carolofori FAKE CAROL OFORI ACCOUNT AFTER YA’ll MONEY! And yall follow them. Now im forced to be more active on Tik Tok! Please report the imposter! Nah wow South Africa! @East Coast Radio @Rory Petzer ♬ original sound - Carol Ofori

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As we scrolled through TikTok, we found out that there wasn't just one imposter, but four accounts posing to be Carol Ofori! 

If you are following any of these accounts, please be aware that it's not the real Carol Ofori.

Fake profiles on TikTok
Fake profiles on TikTok/Screenshot/TikTok
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