Carol Ofori would storm a building for one celeb, and one celeb only...

Carol Ofori would storm a building for one celeb, and one celeb only...

If Rihanna asked us to jump, our reply would be: where and when?


Merriam-Webster defines devotion as: "the fact or state of being ardently dedicated and loyal."

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With celeb culture, from Hollywood to Bollywood to Nollywood, people around the world admire, respect, and love the stars that pop up on our television screens, sing our favourite songs, and shoot the shots for our favourite sports teams.

Celebrities have become such a part of our lives that when you become a really big fan of these people, you feel for them when they are happy or sad.

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Although sometimes the love and devotion some fans feel for their favourite celebs reaches a whole new level.

According to MTV, Miley Cyrus once had to deal with a stalker that broke into her home with a pair of scissors and when arrested, he told the police that he and Miley were friends, that they have been for five years, and then went on to tell them he and Miley are married!

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While BadGirl Riri had to face a fan who threw a chair through the window of her home, proceeded to break into her house, and insist that he be her future husband.

It's clear that some fans take their loyalty and love to the next level.

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While most of us would never want to hurt our favourite stars, what would we be willing to do for these people?

Carol Ofori asked KZN who their most beloved, all-time number one celeb is and would they be willing to storm a building for them?

Take a listen to find out who Carol is so obsessed with, she would go all American willing to get to them:

For more unmissable Carol Ofori moments, listen here:

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