Carol Ofori reacts to Whoopi Goldberg's parenting advice

Carol Ofori reacts to Whoopi Goldberg's parenting advice

"You cannot be friends with your kids!" - Whoopi Goldberg.

Carol Ofori at the East Coast Radio Studios
Carol Ofori at the East Coast Radio Studios/Supplied

We recently heard Whoopi Goldberg share her candid views on parenting on the popular talk show, 'The View'. 

Goldberg is a mother to Alexandrea 'Alex' Martin and honestly shared that being friends with your kids is not a reality she believes in. 

She said: "You can yell at me if you want to but I believe this is true. You cannot be friends with your kids - when you have to do the things that you have to do as a parent." 

Watch what she said below, courtesy of Instagram

Carol Ofori concurs with the award-winning actress.

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People had a lot to say about Goldberg's advice. We think that many of them didn't understand that she wasn't saying that you can't ever be friends with your kids, but not when they are younger. Kids need structure, guidance, and authority when they are younger. 

We understood her differently in that you can be friends with your kids when they get older and become adults, there's a different dynamic when your child is an adult. 

  • "Sorry love. I am good friends with my mother. We are there for each other and I include her in everything. We advice each other and look out for one another. Sorry you come from "unfriendly" women and are one yourself. It's very obvious"
  • "Of course you can be friends with your kids. Friends with clear boundaries. I give you advice, I’ll hang out with you, I’m there for you when you NEED me. BUT DON’T YOU DARE DISRESPECT ME!"
  • "I’m 43 and I wholeheartedly agree with her. There are so many parents nowadays who try to be friends with their kids and that’s where (the majority of the time) the discipline falls apart. Once they are self sufficient and running their own lives, then you’ve done your job and the dynamic shifts a bit. You will always be their parent, but now you are no longer responsible for their well being and the friendship part flourishes" 

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