Carol Ofori's daughter celebrates her fourth birthday

Carol Ofori's daughter celebrates her fourth birthday

Serwaa celebrated her birthday and was so grateful for it...

Carol Ofori's daughter celebrating her fourth birthday
Carol Ofori's daughter celebrating her fourth birthday/Supplied

Carol Ofori is the proud mother of two amazing kids, Sena and Serwaa Ofori. 

Serwaa celebrates her fourth birthday today and Carol and Greg Ofori hosted her first birthday party over the weekend. 

It was the first time she had an official party as she was a COVID baby, born just before we all went into lockdown. 

Serwaa was so excited to have her friends and family together to celebrate her. 

Carol dedicated her appreciation Monday post to Serwaa, saying it felt so awesome when Serwaa came to her and tugged at her pants thanking her for her party. The four-year-old did the same with her dad. 

We took this opportunity to ask Carol about some of the key differences she has experienced being a mother to a boy and a girl. 

Girl moms are much more playful and relaxed, while boy moms are a little bit more competitive, for obvious reasons. She has found that raising both is also very different. 

Carol says that her daughter is more affectionate while her son likes things done a certain way. She finds that parenting a boy is more pressurising having to hone in the masculine energies. Whereas with girls, it's fairly relaxed chatting about princess dresses and the like.

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