The Constitutional Court makes important ruling for domestic workers

Attorney gives us the lowdown on new law regarding domestic workers

Wanting to help you understand all this legal talk a little better, Carol Ofori spoke to attorney Ashton Naidoo.

Law constituiton

The law can sometimes be a tricky thing to navigate.

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We don't necessarily understand all the official language, but we want to know.

We want to avoid breaking any laws, of course, so we just need a little bit of clarity.

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Now, in case you missed it, the Constitutional Court of South Africa recently made a very important ruling concerning the health and safety of domestic workers.

More often than not these workers are quite underappreciated and no matter what job a human being has, everyone has a right to safety and should have basic human rights.

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Now you might either be finding yourself confused because you are a domestic worker, and you don't really know how this new ruling would benefit you?

Or you might be an employer who wants to make sure if something does happen, you handle it exactly right and make sure your employee gets what they need?

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That's why Carol Ofori decided to sit down with attorney Ashton Naidoo, from Mooney Ford Attorneys, who was able to clarify things a bit and also answer some of the most asked questions by you, our listeners:

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