Sibling rivalry: When does it become a serious issue?

Sibling rivalry: When does it become a serious issue?

Are your kids driving you wild? Is your husband just not paying attention to you? Then you're at the right place. Welcome to the #BadMomsClub!


Siblings will always fight.

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There will always be moments where your kids pull each other's hair, irritate each other, and just don't get along.

But, of course, they will always have each other's backs and have so much love for their brother or sister.

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Sometimes there comes a point where you wonder if it's just teasing and games, or is it a more serious issue.

Like today's concerned mother:

"Hey, Bad Moms Club,

I have three sons between the ages of 11 and 15. 

The two older brothers gang up against the youngest one leaving him in tears. 

I’ve tried everything, but they tell me they’re just joking. 

The 11-year-old doesn’t see it as a joke and he’s always upset or hiding in his room. 

How do I get the message across to my sons that their behaviour is destructive? Please help!"

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As always, we have advice from the hilarious Thenjiwe, the lawyer turned comedian who is also one of the most highly recognised and popular South African stand-up comedians on the road today. Follow her hilarity here

We also have some truly sage advice from Ayanda Tetyana, an educational specialist and parent coach, who has a passion for working with children.

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Take a listen to find out what our resident bad mom, Thenjiwe, and the actual parent coach, Ayanda Tetyana, had to say:

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