Carmen Reddy: "All our power belongs to us"

Carmen Reddy: "All our power belongs to us."

Today we celebrate a woman who has won the hearts of the breakfast show...

Carmen Reddy is Carol Ofori's woman crush
Carmen Reddy is Carol Ofori's woman crush/Supplied

This week Carol Ofori celebrates one of our own, Carmen Reddy. 

As the fresh face of the Breakfast Show, she is no newbie to the spotlight. And with her fabulously focused, yet opinionated voice, we are keen to hear more about what is important to her. 

During Women's Month, Carmen revealed that she has always wanted to be in the media industry. 

Carmen is a native of our beautiful province of KwaZulu Natal and has a wealth of experience in radio and journalism that spans over 15 years.

Coming from a news background it certainly has been a shift for her. But one that she chooses to embrace. 

She speaks about leaving the life she has built in Johannesburg and relocating to Durban without her partner, which has been difficult. Carmen says preparing herself psychologically has played a big part in it, not being stuck in a negative or sad state is what she has chosen for herself. 

This time away from her partner and the relocation has allowed her to discover herself, which she wouldn't have been able to do had she not taken this opportunity. 

Carmen shared a very traumatic incident that took place in her life in 2015 where she survived a home invasion. 

The assailants didn't plan to hurt anyone, in her opinion but in the hustle of getting everyone together, the gun went off and she was shot in the arm. She consequently had to go for surgery, but she speaks to the fact that after this her life took a different trajectory. 

The incident happened in a home that she and her mother built and of course, they decided that could not be home for them anymore. 

But what really stood out for us was when Carmen spoke about now being able to talk about the incident after going for trauma counselling. She says that this is important for anyone who has been involved in a crime. Because it helps to talk about what happened with a trained professional. 

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