Carol Ofori: "Reading allows children the power of imagination"

Carol Ofori: "Reading allows children the power of imagination"

We asked Carol Ofori a few questions about the importance of reading as we celebrate National Book Week. 

Carol Ofori doing a book reading
Carol Ofori doing a book reading/Supplied

As we celebrate National Book Week, we take a look at some of the things that perhaps we can do as a community to help ignite the power of reading in our kids. 

All from our Daytime Diva, author Carol Ofori

We asked her some questions and as usual, she gave us her honest and open opinion. 

After becoming an author, what are some of the things you see lacking when it comes to literacy in communities?

We don't have enough libraries, there are more taverns and jolling spots than there are libraries and places that make reading fun. So, as much as libraries are good places, there should be reading academies or reading camps, that we should create to make reading fun. Libraries all of a sudden stagnated and make it all serious, you have to sit down and be quiet and not everybody is that kind of reader. You can have so much fun making literacy fun.

How important is reading to you and your family? Why do you think it is important?

My husband and I read to our kids every night. It's beautiful to see my kids on a Saturday afternoon when I am resting or chilling out watching TV and my little one who is three says, "Mom, please read this for me." It makes me happy because it tells me that she likes the concept of reading. Even though she can't read, she likes books. It's very important and it allows children the power of imagination, it allows them to be articulate and gives them confidence. There are really good things to reading.

Carol Ofori seated on a couch with her children's books
Carol Ofori seated on a couch with her children's books/Carol Ofori

How can we as a community help kids prioritise reading?

Reading feels so serious and stagnated, it doesn't feel fun, and I think if we can find a way to make reading fun in reading academies, as I mentioned earlier, or reading camps where it's not just sitting and being stagnant and reading, but doing fun things like meeting characters from the books. Having reading competitions, who can read the loudest, who is the most animated reader, and making it not so 'rigid'.

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What's next on your author to-do list?

I want to write a whole lot more books. Kiddies' books and a memoir. The truth is writing is time and with two growing small children and relocation to a new city, time has just not been here. But this is my dream, I want to write more books, I want to write a memoir and you know what, I also know you make the time for anything, so I probably will get down to it real soon and just make it happen.

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