WCW: "I am passionate about my country and education"

WCW: "I am passionate about my country and education"

Roslynne Toerien is a true inspiration.

Carol Ofori poses with Roslynne Toerien from The LEARN Project
Carol Ofori poses with Roslynne Toerien from The LEARN Project/East Coast Radio

This week, Carol Ofori chats with Roslynne Toerien, the woman behind The LEARN Project, SHE IS Rising, a mother, author of two popular children's books, a speaker, and the list goes on...

Not only does she choose to see the bright side of her country and how she can make an impact for good, but she also has a passion for education and reading in particular.  

Ros is the CEO and founder of the South African Non-Profit Trust, The LEARN Project, which stands for ‘Let’s Educate A Rainbow Nation’ and aims to equip disadvantaged schools with libraries and book corners.

She lives by the motto, ‘Small actions lead to big change’, and this can be seen in the number of school LEARN library doors that have been opened and the minds that have been unlocked through the power of books and literacy.

Since its establishment in 2012, The LEARN Project has distributed over 80,000 children’s books and has established 21 school libraries and nearly 400 classroom book corners.

A true testament to her passion, not to mention as a woman who calls herself an 'Impactor', it certainly provides hope for the future of our country. 

Roslynne Toerien with her two published books
Roslynne Toerien with her two published books/Supplied

Toerien has managed to crown KZN as the "leading province with reading champions in schools across KZN". 

And she has also been awarded 'The Paul Harris Fellows Award' by the Rotary Foundation of Rotary International.

Her two children's books, The Rumbling Rhino' and 'Under the Baobab Tree', sold out in their first print run within three months. And she still enjoys doing author readings and talks. It's the teacher in her that always strives to spread love for reading. 

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"Ros founded 'SHE IS Rising', sharing daily inspiration for women in the form of poetry, quotes and scriptures which is uplifting, motivating and encouraging. A platform created to inspire women to live their best, most purpose-filled lives, reminded of their worth." 

In a world where it feels like there is always an abundance of challenges, we think we should use Toerien's motivation to push forth and spread light and joy. 

After all, there's a little girl in all of us waiting to see us rise above it all and soar...

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