“Please don’t irritate me, I’m holding this baby” - Baby Taylor

“Please don’t irritate me, I’m holding this baby” - Baby Taylor

Baby Taylor does not hesitate when it comes to telling people how she feels and putting them in their place. 

Taylor’s terrible twos has a minor tantrum
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If you're having a bad day then this is definitely the video to watch! 

Baby Taylor is well known for her entertaining and funny moments on social media. She lets people know exactly how she feels. 

She recently created an Instagram page because that's how much love she has been getting from everyone. 

In the recent video that was posted of her, she's holding a baby, and she is loudly expressing herself. 

A person in the background proclaims in the background that her baby was ugly and she did not like that response, so she shouted back; "my mother said you're mad" after her mom interjected for a few seconds. 

She then continued to talk, but someone was disturbing her, so she eventually puts her hand up and says "He eh he eh, please don't irritate me, I'm holding this baby."

Trust us; you don't want to miss this moment. It's so funny. 

Watch video below: 

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