The gloves are off! AKA challenges Cassper to a boxing match

The gloves are off! AKA challenges Cassper to a boxing match

AKA wants to settle his rivalry with Cassper in the boxing ring. 

Rapper AKA
Rapper AKA /Instagram

Rapper AKA is taking his beef with Cassper Nyovest to a whole new level. 

The 'All Eyes On Me' hitmaker is ready to step in the ring with his arch rival to end the drama between them once and for all.

AKA claims they are busy negotiating a multi-million rand deal for a boxing match taking place in September. 

"The truth is ... the reason the guy has stepped up his [email protected] assault on me is because we are negotiating a contract with EFC for us to have a boxing match in Sep. there. You heard it first from me," he tweeted. 

But there is only one thing standing in the way of the fight of the century. 

"The problem is ... the guy won’t sign the contract," AKA tweeted. 

He added in a separate tweet: "Please tag him @CassperNyouest and tell to shut his mouth and sign the papers instead of dropping hints on Real Goboza."

AKA claims if the deal is signed, both rappers will be rolling in the dough. 

"Everything is set. We both stand to make between 5 and 8 mil each ... only catch is ... he’s taking his time to sign."

The rapper went as far as sharing a screenshot of a message he sent Cassper on Instagram. 

"I'm going to f***king kill you in that ring. But don't chicken out now. Let's both make some money before I break your face in front of your whole family," the message read. 

AKA also shared a video of himself showing off his boxing skills. 

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AKA ended his bizarre rant with one final jab at Cassper.

"Somebody please tell and tag Tsibip That his father is a deadbeat dad for allowing him to drop out of high school. And his mother is just as bad for allowing it. #signthecontract .... immediately."

This tweet in particular seemed to irk Cassper the most. 

"Someone swears at my Parents and it's "Aka and Cassper are boring". I'm not innocent at all in this thing but I have never disrespected anybody parents or family so miss me with that cause I just wasn't raised like that. There's a line that you don't cross!! Even with enemies!!" the 'Good For That' rapper wrote. 

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