Top Google searches in SA during 21-day coronavirus lockdown

Top Google searches in SA during 21-day coronavirus lockdown

Google South Africa has released its most searched items list over the 21-day COVID-19 lockdown period. 

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In a bid to curve the spread of the coronavirus, the country has been under lockdown since midnight on 26 March. It was meant to be lifted on 16 April, however, due to the number of infections rising, President Cyril Ramaphosa extended the locked until 30 April.

During this period, South Africans who work in what is deem non-essential services are prohibited from leaving their homes - and are only allowed to move around when going to buy groceries or for medical reasons.

Many have turned to the internet to the latest local and global news updates, whilst others simply filled the time by streaming video content.

The internet search service has collated top trends based on what South African's have been asking Google.

"Thank you coronavirus helpers" was the most searched phrase over the 21 day lockdown period. 

Boris Johnson and Zwelinzima Vavi both made it on to the list - they made headlines recently after contracting COVID-19.

Communications Minister, StellaNdabeni-Abrahams, who's been placed on special leave for violating the lockdown rules after a picture emerged of her having lunch at a friend's home during the lockdown, also made the list.

Former Jam Alley presenter and Generations actress, Vinolia' V-Mash' Mashego, who died last week is up there as well.

Netflix's hit foreign-language drama, 'Money Heist' and true crime documentary, ‘Tiger King: Murder, Mayhemand Madness’, also appeared on the list.

"Lion' and 'tiger' likely refer to the hit series' Tiger King' and various associated parodies," the service said.

Here’s the full list here:

1.    Thank you coronavirus helpers

2.    Lion

3.    Boris Johnson

4.    Tiger

5.    Vinolia Mashego

6.    Covid-19 news

7.    Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams

8.    Money Heist

9.    5G

10. Zwelinzima Vavi

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