Suspect in Phoenix triple murder collapses in court

Suspect in Phoenix triple murder collapses in court

The 45-year-old suspect accused of the murder of three women in Phoenix is receiving treatment outside the Verulam Magistrates Court after fainting moments before entering the dock. 

Verulam Magistrate's Court
Nushera Soodyal

The court's been told an ambulance had been called in and the man accused of the murder of a Phoenix mother and her two daughters is on a drip outside the court.

He is expected to appear after being treated by paramedics

Jane Govindsamy and her daughters, Denisha and Nikita were found dead in a flat on Friday.

It's believed two of them were strangled while the third was stabbed.

A crowd of community members has gathered outside - some demanding that the death penalty be brought back. 

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This man says the suspect should be kept in jail.

"The reason why we are here is that we are saying that he shouldn't be given bail. The suspect shouldn't be given bail and justice needs to be served. We believe there are other perpertrators and we are hoping they will be brought to book as well," a community member said.  

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