PMB community mourns death of 3 boys who were electrocuted

PMB community mourns death of 3 boys who were electrocuted

Grief has gripped the Jika Joe Informal Settlement in Pietermaritzburg after the deaths of three children. 

eThekwini disconnects illegally connected electricity
Anelisa Kubheka

It appears that two of the three boys, aged between 7 and 10, stepped on an illegal electricity connection. 

"It's very shocking and very sad. It's three young kids who are coming from families that were coming out of a fire two months ago and it took them six weeks to come back onto their feet." 

Ward 33 councillor, Suraya Reddy says the children were swimming in a river on Saturday. 

"One of the kids I think came into difficulty and the other two kids were scrambling out of the river and they stepped onto the wire."

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Reddy says community members rushed over and pulled the children out of the water:

"Unfortunately they didn't make it and the one, I don't know, this is where contradictions come in terms of somebody saying that something could of bite him. 

"He had marks on this face, but we don't know that's just heresy for now until the police come out with their forensics." 

Police have opened an inquest docket. 

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