Nquthu teacher's lawyer believes media reports may jeopardise trial

Nquthu teacher's lawyer believes media reports may jeopardise trial

The Nquthu Life Orientation and Creative Arts teacher charged with six counts of sexual assault on minors feels what he calls premature and inaccurate reports about him could prevent his trial from being fair.


Defence attorney Wesley Rogers told the Nquthu Magistrate's Court yesterday that some details were misleading.

The teacher's bail application got underway yesterday and has been adjourned until next week.

The man - who is from Ulundi - has told the court he is not a flight risk as he doesn't have any travel documents.

He also says he is the breadwinner in his family.

The court heard the accused intends to plead not guilty to the charges against him. He also asked that he not be incarcerated, as he suffered from breathing issues.

Police say the teacher handed himself over to Durban Central Police last week, where he was charged with rape and sexual assault.

Three weeks ago, one of the videos surfaced, leading to the Education Department visiting the school.

The department says it has confirmed that the girls in the videos are pupils at the school.

Last week the teacher, through a lawyer's letter, denied having had sex with learners - saying it was adult women in the video, including his wife and his girlfriend.

Dressed in a white shirt, navy pants and wearing his spectacles - the teacher appeared at ease in the dock smiling and waving to his family seated on the bench behind him. Rodgers told the court that his client found out from media reports of the allegations levelled against him adding that some reports were inaccurate and misleading.

He then handed to the court as evidence a copy of the New Age Newspaper article that appeared on its front page with a photo and the teacher's name included.

The teacher who was convicted of theft in 1983 and 1989 is out on bail of R2 000 for attempted murder as well as being in possession of an illegal firearm.

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