Load shedding a 'nightmare' for Durbanites faced with scorching temperatures

Load shedding a 'nightmare' for Durbanites faced with scorching temperatures

Eskom suspended Stage 2 rotational power cuts at last night saying the probability for the rest of the week remains high.


Many people were taken by surprise when the utility imposed Stage 3 load shedding at the weekend - before switching to Stage 2.  A number of generating units were out of service due to unplanned breakdowns. 

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While the utility's encouraging people to be patient, some Durbanites say they can't take it anymore. 

For teacher and concerned son, Kesavan Kisten his elderly mum's battling to cope in the heat.

"I have an elderly mum who has high blood pressure. It's awful having to imagine her coping with the heat without a fan, be it day or night. As a teacher in a girls' school, I think the worst thing would be to try an keep your learners focused and engaged in your lessons possible."

"The heat with its awful discomfort levels is bad enough to make them restless so with no fans the offices and classrooms become unbearable spaces to occupy." 

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Mum of two, Nonkolo Zungu says, "Sometimes we have load shedding twice a day because you'll have it at work them come back home and it's load shedding again. On weekends when we try to catch up on errands, there's load shedding, we can't do a lot of things. It has affected me really badly."

Security officer, Dhevan Govindasamy says they're having to step up their vigilance in the greater Durban area. 


"It's a nightmare especially in the greater Durban area when the power goes off. We have stepped up man-power and visibility to avoid any incidents to the community at large."

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