Liquor council wants to meet govt over restrictions

Liquor council wants to meet govt over restrictions

As the third Covid-19 wave looms, the alcohol industry has written to the presidency requesting an urgent meeting related to Covid-19 related restrictions.

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The National Liquor Traders Council says it wants to sit down with government and look at ways to protect people from the virus while saving the livelihoods of millions of people.

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While governments plan to combat the third wave is not yet clear, the industry has been bearing the brunt of stringent restrictions.

The Council's Lucky Ntimane says the proposed engagement seeks to ensure that any decisions taken are guided by scientific evidence. 

"There is no doubt that as a country, one of the most important lessons that we have learnt from our past experiences of dealing with the pandemic is that we can still fight Covid-19 with a less negative impact on our economy. 

"In our case, liquor traders can continue to operate, subject to fully complying with safe operating standards, in a way that was not always possible previously. 

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"So we are ready to work with government in ensuring that we fight the pandemic together and we continue to trade at the same time." 

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