KwaDukuza families reeling after tragic death of two boys

KwaDukuza families reeling after tragic death of two boys

The families of the two KwaDukuza boys who died after the hole they were working in caved in - say they can't believe they are gone.

KwaDukuza boys ground earth collapse
Nushera Soodyal

Zipho Mtengu, 12, and Njabulo Mthethwa, 9, were allegedly given R5 each by a neighbour to dig for sand he was apparently using to build a house.

It's understood the man who'd given them the job had gone off to drop off some of the sand already collected - when the two-metre deep hole collapsed - burying the boys.

Njabulo's mother, Nokuthula Mthethwa says she was busy working when her two younger children ran to her to tell her what had happened.

"They came and told me that my son has passed away, so I ran and came back home. When I came home, I went to see and saw my son and the other boy. They are sleeping over there. 

"I didn't know what is happening. I still can't believe it what is happening to us," says Mthethwa. 

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Zipho's aunt, Nana Ntuli says they were unaware the boys had been doing a job and thought they were out playing.

"At least if he was sick than we would understand, but now he was okay, he woke up in the morning and went to play. We didn't know that he was employed or he was doing that job," says Ntuli. 

The families say the two boys had a bright future. 

KwaZulu-Natal police have opened two inquest dockets.

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