Two boys die in KwaDukuza earth collapse

Two boys die in KwaDukuza earth collapse

Two boys who had been digging a hole have died when the arth areound collapsed on them in KwaDukuza, north of the province.

Two boys digging hole die in KwaDukuza earth collapse

Paramedics say the boys, aged around 10, were helping another resident dig up a hole to acquire sand for building purposes when the incident happened.

At the time of the accident, it's estimated they had dug about 2 metres into the ground. 

IPSS medical rescue's Paul Herbst says the resident, whom they were helping, had left them for a moment to offload some previously dug up sand. 

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"The two boys kept on digging. Unfortunately, the hole collapsed on the two boys, and they were buried alive.

"Upon arrival of IPSS medical rescue, unfortunately, the boys showed no signs of life and were declared deceased.

 "Our rescue team is currently awaiting search and rescue and necessary authorities to help extricate the boys from the pit," says Herbst. 

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