Harrowing, heart-breaking tales of looting in Durban amid calls for 'no show' SANDF, police

Harrowing, heart-breaking tales of looting in Durban amid calls for 'no show' SANDF, police

Residents of Durban are making desperate calls for help as the violence and looting rage on in parts of the city. 

Engen store looted Durban
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And despite the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) deploying 2 500 members to KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng, they say the army's been a no-show. 

This Cornubia business manager says they were left with absolutely nothing after looters ransacked their properties on Tuesday. 

"The entered Boulevard Business Park and systematically gone into each unit and taken stuff from there and there is nothing that the people can do there is nothing that the owners can do. 

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"They are watching heart broke as how you earn money how you earn as life lay waste for them and there is no police, there is no army, there is nobody. It is heart-breaking to watch that. 

"They are loading the vehicles that they are stealing from the premises and you know it is terrible." 

This 62-year-old woman from Glenhills, north of Durban, says patrollers are keeping watch. 

"It is extremely anxious, a lot of anger. Yesterday was quite terrifying in Ronaldo Road there was of people running up Rinaldo Road. 

"There was shots fired. They tried to get into Rinaldo Centre. They were quelled. I have been to the entrance of the squatter camp, we heard them toyi-toying. Where are the police force? Where are the Defence Force?” 

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This Chatsworth resident says the streets are a nightmare, as their homes are being targeted by looters.

"We have people invading homes shooting at people in their homes, throwing in petrol bombs. It was such a shaky situation. 

"There were van trucks everywhere. You could hear the beating and banging happening outside my house.”

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