UPDATE: Seven UKZN Westville students arrested

UPDATE: Seven UKZN Westville students arrested

UPDATE: Seven protesting students have been detained at the Westville campus of UKZN following clashes with police. 

UKZN Westville protest
Nushera Soodyal

Students have continued with their protest and among their grievances, is accommodation, transport and Wi-Fi.

The  campus is a no go area this afternoon. Violent clashes between students and police have erupted there again today. 

Lectures at the Westville campus were cancelled earlier in the week after students began protesting over several issues - including off-campus WiFI, the condition of off-campus res buildings and NSFAS funding, among other things.

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There is a tense stand-off between scores of students and police on the university road, near the quad. Students have set a guard house on fire. 

They're pelting police water cannons with big rocks, that they're finding at the side of the road.

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They've set fire to two areas in the campus.

 They're moving forwards towards police, but police are slowly restraining them. 

The situation is tense at the moment. 

Meanwhile, the police's Nqobile Gwala says a case of public violence has since been opened.  

"This morning, students gathered at the campus where they threw bottles at police officers. They also blockaded the access road at the university with furniture. Police had to use tear gas and water cannons. A case of public violence has been opened for investigation."

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