Communities must play a bigger role in assisting families: NGO

Communities must play a bigger role in assisting families: NGO

It is Universal Children's Day today and a local NGO says communities need to play a bigger role in helping distressed families, where in most cases the children are the ones who are neglected. 

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The Durban Child and Youth Centre's Mandy Goble says poverty without support leaves children in South Africa destitute.

"When families are unemployed and there are no jobs available, then people become disheartened and people lose hope. And when there is hopelessness people turn to alcohol and drugs," said Goble.

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She said drugs and alcohol in the family can often lead to violence.

"Children are then the ones subjected to a lot of violence and neglect."
Goble said everyone has a role to play.

"We should stop judging people who are not taking care of their children and rather look at practical ways that we can actually help them become self reliant and be the parents they want to be."

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According to the United Nations website, Universal Children's Day was established in 1954 to promote international togetherness, awareness among children worldwide and improving children's welfare.

This year's event is geared towards building a world where every child is in school, safe from harm and can fulfil their potential.

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