Changes to firearm laws pose 'high safety risks'

Changes to firearm laws pose 'high safety risks'

Gun Owners South Africa (GOSA) believes proposed changes to the country's firearm laws will leave many gun owners exposed. 

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The Draft Firearms Control Amendment Bill is now available for public comment. 

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The government says the proposed changes, aimed at tighter controls, suggest removing self-defence as a valid reason to own a firearm and reducing the gun licence period to five years. 

GOSA's Damian Enflin feels the amendments are unreasonable. 

"We all know we living in an unfortunately very violent society - with the murder rate, attacks on women and gender-based violence sky high. 

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"A lot of our members are women who choose to own a firearm for self-protection and if that is taken away - I think the risks for a lot of our members and general citizens are far higher. 

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